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    Install linux on laptop's HD using a desktop

    I already have linux ubuntu on my desktop.

    Now i want to install linux on my totally screwed laptop

    Actually if I remove the laptops hard-disk and connect to some piece of hard-ware, it behaves as an external hard-disk and i can connect it to desktop using USB.
    So how can i install linux on it, when its behaving like an external hard-disk.

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    you should be able to boot up ubuntu installer with laptop disk connected, run installation using laptop disk, then put it back into laptop, there might be some minor things that need to be done

    i would disconnect any other disks while you are running the installation to be safe

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    hmm i did not get u...
    what about this...
    i run ubuntu live CD.
    i click install option, but while installing, I the select the laptop hard-disk (or the external drive).
    And when its done...., i insert the hard-disk back to the laptop,,

    But will it boot up?
    How is the idea?

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    that is what i said...

    connect the laptop disk to the desktop machine, while disconnecting the other disks so they don't get involved

    install ubuntu like normal on this laptop disk and then transfer it back to the laptop

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    thanks a lot.
    i will try it asap.

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