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    Utility for recovering Partition Table?-Testdisk?

    I had a tri boot of Win 7 /XP and Mint...I was using EasyBCD 2.0 as a boot manager...I booted Mint by configuring the NeoGrub option in Easy BCD..I wanted to uninstall Win 7 and so what I did was the following

    1. Edited BCD bootloader settings ...Marked XP as my default and deleted Win 7 entry...
    2. Logged out and wiped my Win 7 partition

    With my fingers crossed , i rebooted but Easy BCD booted flawlessly with 2 choices XP and Mint(GRUB)...As Easy BCD is not meant for XP, I thought of restoring original NTLDR of XP so that things would be in place and thinking that this cud avoid problems of detection by other Linux OS

    I deleted manually the Easy BCD menu.lst file and NeoGrub.mbr in my root...That was it , after I rebooted,

    I got boot screen of EasyBCD but whichever option I select , I got an error message that address not Valid-NTLDR not found or something like that

    I booted my XP live CD and like many times before ran

    3.bootcfg /rebuild

    After that , now when I reboot , I am getting "Invalid Partition Table"

    On booting from a linux CD , I can see the files are in place..I have to get boot sector and partition table fixed...Any ideas- perhaps I should use test disk? But the manual talks about recovering LOST partitions..I want to repair existing one...

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    "Invalid Partition Table"
    If I remember correctly that error is given when the Active/boot flag is incorrect. Boot to live cd and post output from 'fdisk -l' (-l is a small L) you may have to run command as a root user.

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    Had the same problem when messing with different boot loders.
    I use system rescue cd but I seem to recall that I could not fix it.
    I know I wrote a new dos label during the proceedings which allowed mre to read the data. I think its something to do with lba parameters. Take a backup of your files while you have the chance. Most times fixing boot loaders and partitions does not destroy the data, but you never can be sure. For me Gparted is the best program to use.
    Good luck

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