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    Question Linux boots with the aid of Win 98

    Good morning one and all (05:08hrs GMT)

    After a night where my ignorance of the Linux system was lain bare to the world trying to get PCLinuxOS 2010.1 onto an old computer, I am left with one more choice, which is ... To select the correct size hammer for the job.

    I loaded PCLinux from the CD. I gave it the 20BG hard disk to use for itself.

    The result is:-
    1) ... it is definately loaded onto the hard disk.
    2) ... it won't boot

    I have, on each case of trying to boot the comnputer, received 2 error statements, both headed

    "GRUB loading, please wait" this was followed by "error 15" ... and later "error 22"

    I decided to to use an old Windows 98 CD to try to reformat the disk, and have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th try to get Linux working on the computer.

    When the computer started, I was given the choice to boot from CD, (Win 9, or boot from Hard Disk. Booting from the hard disk gave me a fully working version of PCLinuxOS 2010.1.

    It would seem that I can continue in this fashion, but this is not what I want.

    Your help is desperatly needed. I Googled this subject to death but came up with instructions which clearly thought I knew what I was doing ... I did smile at that.

    Any assistance that can be supplied needs to be in "Idiot Speak". I really don't mind if any person who can help starts with:-
    1) ... Are you sitting cofortably?
    2) ... Switch on your computer
    2) ... etc, etc, etc ..

    I do apologise for being so long-winded over this, but it has been long, long night and I am truly frustrated.

    Details of computer that PCLinuxOS has been added to:-
    CPU: Intel Celeron 2.00GHZ
    GPU: nvidia [GeForce2 MX/MX400]
    RAM: 762 MB
    Hard disk 20 GB Mator SATA

    Thank you even reading this


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    The Grub error 15 means it can't find a file it needs to boot.
    The Grub error 22 means the partition Grub is pointed to does not have the correct files.

    I'm not really clear on the problem? Are you using the W98 CD to boot and when you select boot from hard drive with the CD in the drive, you can load PCLinux?

    You likely have not installed Grub to the master boot record.
    If you are able to log in to PCLinux, open a terminal by clicking the PC icon in the lower left of the Desktop, move the mouse arrow up to More Applications then right to Terminals and click on Konsole or Root Terminal. In the Konsole, type: su -; you will be prompted for root password, enter it, hit the enter key and you will get a root prompt. Here type: fdisk -l (Lower case Letter L in the command) and post that partition information here. Someone will be able to give you specific instructions.

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    If I'm reading correctly would have to say the hdd is slow and needs more time to turn on. There might be a setting in the bios or there might be a delay given in grub but ?.

    Might set the hdd as last boot device in BIOS to give more time.
    Might try testing my guess by entering the bios and exit, that will give a delay before booting.

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