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    Dual-booting rookie woes

    Hello and thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read yet another newbies dual-booting problems and offer advice.

    I don't think my problem is too complex but I'm relatively new to the more advanced side of Linux and as a result I'm stuck. The dual-booting isn't the REAL problem, but it's the root of the problem I suppose. Actually, my stupidity is the real root, as I failed to create backups of a good deal of code. Anyhow, onto the point.

    I recently installed Jolicloud and was completely satisfied with it. I love the font rendering of Linux as compared to the god-awful font rendering in Windows. Being a programmer, little things like that weigh heavily in my operating system choices.

    After a few months of happily joliclouding away, I decided to put Windows XP back onto the system, but on a completely separate hard drive so that I would have access to things like Photoshop (I'm not an artist and Photoshop seems a bit more forgiving of that than GIMP). This fresh install of XP seems to have corrupted Joliclouds boot config and now I can't seem to boot into Jolicloud or access the drives it's installed in to at least recover the files.

    Thus far I've tried installing the Ext2/3 file system drivers for windows, and installing VMWare and booting into a Live CD to mount the drive. I thought I could at least try and throw the files into a shared folder on my network so I can duplicate them onto the Windows system. Both methods have given me errors that seem to point to a corruption on the drive, but given that all I've done is install a fresh copy of Windows on a totally different hard drive, I don't want to believe that my files are just lost. And yes, I realize how stupid it is to not have at least one backup outside of my computer.

    I also tried editing the Windows XP boot.ini file but I wasn't really sure where to point the extra boot options in order to get into Jolicloud so that may be the route to go to fix this.

    Anyhow, that's my problem, my attempted solutions, and my frustrations. I apologize sincerely for dumping yet another newbie dual-booting problem on you guys and would greatly appreciate any kind of help you can offer. Thank you in advance and thank you for at least taking the time to read about my problems.


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    Sounds like you just need to reinstall the linux bootloader, GRUB. Windows doesn't like to play nice with other operating systems. You probably haven't lost any data.

    This is for Ubuntu, which jolicloud is based on, and the process is similar for any distro.

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