Well, I have used linux on and off based on general curiousity. So in certain respects I am still a beginner. I have done installations, and some programming using forums in order to connect wirelessly on my school's network. It has been a year since I have used linux, but would very much like to get back to it. The enviornment itself promotes the need to learn to program which is what I need for my upcoming job.

Anyways, to the point. I have been told that since OS X is a unix system that it is possible to install a linux destroy while bypassing a windows manager. (My understanding of things is that running windows and OS X on a mac requires a windows manager), while having a linux and OS X can be done in a fashion comparable to having KDE and Ubuntu installed at the same time.

My computer is already duel booting OS X and windows and I don't really want to mess that up, or have to install a third party windows manager in order to triple boot my computer. I was wondering if anyone could help me out or point out an already exsisting tread addresssing this since I have thus far not been able to find one.

I look forward to improving my understanding linux systems and programming in them.