Hi all. I'm new to this forum. I have some RPM newbie questions.

I've been an Oracle DBA for a number of years. Our servers have always been installed and configured by an external consultant. Next year, we're upgrading Oracle 9i to 10g on new Linux servers, probably running on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10.

I have decided to try and do it myself this time. So I've been experimenting installing Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 in a VMWare environment. So far so good, no real problems.

However when I started installing Oracle 10g, there were a number of missing packages (which was to be expected, of course). I understand the way package management works and also the basic working of RPM. I have been trying to install RPMs using the command-line rpm -i etc...

When I started googling for the missing packages however, I found dozens of websites offering these packages, but for every package I need, there seem to be a hundred different versions, for various distros, and so on. It is thourougly confusing. I need a package for SLES10 but I don't seem to find any. There's lots of Red Hat stuff and OpenSUSE stuff but not SLES. Also the SUSE/Novel website is very obscure about this (or at least, I didn't find anything).

Now my question to the experts: Is there some tutorial you can point me to that can teach me how to find exactly the package I need for my SLES10 distro? Or maybe you can give me some advice?

Thank you very much!!!