I posted this basic inquiry in a response to someone who successfully installed a distro on a PowerMac 9600/200MP.

The problem I have is, none of the distros installers want to start up properly on my 9600/200MP.

With these Old World PowerMacs, you can't boot directly from the CD, so I was trying to use the Yellow Dog method by using BootX to boot the installer. I've tried Debian (Sarge Net-install), Ubuntu and Yellow Dog 2.3. None of them start up properly.

I understand that, officially, Ubuntu only installs on New World Macs. I chose Yellow Dog 2.3 because it's only 1 cd and I have limite space on the machine I'm posting from.

With the default settings for BootX, Yellow Dog (GUI or text ramdisk), Debian and Ubuntu installers do the same thing, displays a quick bit of info from OF, then blank screen and a loss of signal to the monitor. Then a couple minutes later the machine reboots.

If I set BootX's "No video driver" option, Yellow Dog (GUI Ramdisk), Debian and Ubuntu all display Tux in the top left corner, but in strange colours, then sit there just displaying that and eventually rebooting in a few min. The Yellow Dog text mode ramdisk, displays tux in all his corect colour glory and shows the usual boot messages, eventually ending with a message stating that it can't find bash/sh and then proceeds to shut down and reboot.

Is there something I need to do, possibly with Boot Paramaters on this mac? I really want to get a distro installed.

I have a DB-15 to VGA adapter and Mac OS 9.1 on a small second partition, running at 1024x768.

This is my first time using a PowerMac and trying to install Linux on one.

I might make this into a server, or a small desktop machine. Just need to run some software that is available on linux or MacOS X.