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    grub rescue help please

    So i have a netbook no cd etc. i was duelbooting win7 and linux with no issue.. i have done this for a long time. my win7 was having issues so i went to run just linux and i think because of the windows issue I now can no longer boot from my usb. i set it up in the bios same way i always have and it just hangs if there is a usb in.
    wont boot from the usb and wont go into bios
    if there is no usb in i can enter bios no problem but then opon reboot with no usb in i get stuck in grub rescue.
    anyone have any idea what i can do...
    thanks ive been at this for a week now. and would rather not have a brand new paperweight.;(

    i have searched around but all the posts i have found people were able to get a shell

    ps i used wubi to install ubuntu next to windows on a seperate partition and deleted windows from ubuntu. ubuntu updated the grub i think and thats when i got stuck in rescue..

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    What model netbook?
    What is the default key for BIOS access?

    The shell allows you to boot into the system by typing in the location of the kernel and ramdisk.

    Also, search the Ubuntu forums for a problem similar to the one you have. A solution will usually follow it.

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