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    [SOLVED] Installing Archbang

    Well, unfortunately I am having problems installing Archbang. I successfully used my usb to install Puppy Linux, DSL, and Slax; however, when I try to install Archbang I get an error message claiming that my USB is not a bootable device. How can it be bootable for one Linux distribution and not another? What am I doing wrong?

    When the installation failed the first time, I tried formatting the flashdrive and tried again, no help. I tried yet another time, but then my standard Ubuntu screen came up so I assume that the computer must have given up trying to boot from the USB.

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    How are you putting ArchBang on the USB stick? How is the stick formatted?

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    Well, I used Softpedia to do a direct download of Archbang to the flash drive. I just formatted the drive by right clicking it and choosing the option to format. I have Unetbootin but it didn't help. I tried researching on the internet and I read
    "To install your video driver, remove vesa by running as root 'pacman -R xf86-video-vesa' & then run 'pacman -S yourvideodriverpackage'," he explained.

    in an article, but I do not know how to do that. I have the instructions to install arch linux, but I don't think that is what I should use to install Archbang. I

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    I read this at the Archbang official installation guide:


    Open a terminal window [super+t] then type sudo ab-install & follow these 5 steps

    * Set the Clock
    * Prepare your HD (You have the choice between cfdisk & GParted to create partitions)
    * Install Packages
    * Configure System (Setting root password and add an user)
    * Finally install GRUB

    Tip: For reference, read the official Arch Linux Beginner's Guide online.

    For 1.05 : Since ArchBang 1.05,a persistence script was added. You can copy your live media to your RAM! Simply open terminal [super+t] and type :

    sudo sh ~/.cp2ram

    For 2.00 : Now even easier. In a terminal window, simply type:

    sudo cp2ram

    For 20xx.xx : Select it from OB's menu
    Changing your Password

    By default, Archbang will autologin as user "live" (no password). Please be aware that your root account will not have any password set. If you want to set one, open a terminal and type :

    sudo passwd root

    Alternatively, pressing Ctrl+Alt+(F1 to F6) will drop you out of X to the underlying tty login.

    login as root

    type passwd root

    then type your desired password twice

    type exit

    Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7 to go back in the opened X session Warning: Normally if you are using the "live" user mode, you won't need any password for performing tasks which requires sudo! So be very carefully about what you type! '

    However, I think this must be assuming that you already downloaded archlinux and rebooted the computer right? I guess what I need help with is how to download Archbang onto my USB so that I can use the USB to boot the computer - since directly downloading Archbang onto the USB seemed to fail.

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    Downloading the iso file to your USB stick isn't the way to go about it. You need to put the iso file on a separate harddrive. Just put it in your home folder in your Ubuntu install. Then open a terminal and do

    sudo dd if=archbang-2010.10-i686.iso  of=/dev/sdx bs=8M
    Where /dev/sdx is your USB stick. You can find this out by plugging in your USB stick and then execute
    sudo fdisk -l
    You'll get a list of all your drives and partitions. Most likely /dev/sda will be your main harddrive, and assuming there are no other drives /dev/sdb will be your USB stick. Note that you should not specify the partition, ie, it wouldn't be /dev/sdb1, just /dev/sdb.

    Be super careful, dd is quite powerful and will happily overwrite your harddrive if you put in the wrong thing. Feel free to post the output of fdisk -l here for help.

    Then you can reboot, change your BIOS to boot from USB, and follow the installation instructions as you described above.

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    Thanks. I will try that tonight and will see what happens. I will let you know if I have more trouble. But when you say I should have the iso file in the home directory, do you mean I should have it on both the USB and the home folder, or just the home folder and use an empty USB?

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    The iso can be downloaded wherever, but not on the USB. The dd command will overwrite the USB with the archbang image. (The Archbang iso is a hybrid iso,which is why you can do it like this.) I should note, anything on the USB stick will be lost, so if you have any other files on there, move them.

    So you're going to be downloading the iso and using the dd command from your Ubuntu install. If you put the iso somewhere other than your home directory (or if you are not in your home directory when you open the terminal) you will either need to change to the correct directory (ie, cd ~/Downloads or wherever it is) or use the full path to the file in the dd command.
    sudo dd if=/path/to/archbang-2010.10-i686.iso  of=/dev/sdx bs=8M

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    Thank you so much for your help. At first I was aghast when I followed your directions exactly yet still got an error message when I tried to boot. My troubles lasted for about an hour while I tried different things that I thought might be the problem. Finally I realized that the terminal claimed I was copying 117 MB to my USB, but I knew that ArchBang was about 500MB when I downloaded it! It was then that I realized that I was copying an incomplete version (the download had stopped because internet disconnected). I proceeded to delete the incomplete version and tried again using the complete ArchBang file - thanks to your directions everything then went smoothly and easily on the first attempt. Thank you so very, very much for your help - I can guarantee I still would not have figured it out without your help. =)

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