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    installing ubuntu 10.10 over 9.04 problems

    I am trying to install 10.10 from a Live CD over my 9.04 (it would not do the upgrade automatically due to apparently lack of disk space.)

    at the end of the my best guess at the process (alas, Linux is pretty much a plug and pray operation for me.), on rebooting, I get the message:

    "the disk drive for / is not ready yet or not yet present"

    I must have messed up at the Allocate Drive SPace / Edit Partition step.

    I have three existing partitions:
    7Gb for OS previously 9.04
    35GB for data (which I clearly don't want to mess with)
    a a bit for Swap.

    So, I have clicked on the 7GB partition /dev/sda1 and have another window, Edit Partition, which is asking me:

    New partition size (I would just leave it at 7007)

    Use As (I presume I can leave it as EXT4?)

    Format the Partition (NO unchecked?)


    Mount Point. ??

    Now here is where I don't have a clue. The pull down options are:
    /, /home, /boot, /tmp, /usr, /var, etc.

    Not knowing any better I just picked "/"

    Then the final bit here is (and this might be what is failing on reboot)

    Boot Loader
    Device for boot loader installation:

    and the choices are:
    /dev/sda ( which seems to be the entire HDD)
    /dev/sda1 (which should be just the OS partition = 7GB)
    /dev/sda6 (which is the data partition - which I don't really want to touch I don't think)

    what is the Boot Loader? or more important, where does it go?
    I assumed it would go on the OS Partition so I initially speced: /dev/sda1 (the 7GB OS Partition)
    but maybe that was wrong.

    can anyone tell me what the correct parameters should be at this screen?

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    Back up your data first! If it were me, I would copy my data onto an external drive, then do a clean install, letting ubuntu use as much disk space as necessary. You may be having problems because 10.10 needs more than 7 GB of HD space to install. Once you have 10.10 installed, then create your data partition and copy your data bak to the HD. Of course, I'm inexperienced with CLI stuff, so what I do maybe the long way around.
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