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Thread: Installing lilo

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    Installing lilo

    I've been using a floppy to boot to linux, but it is slow. I'm going to install a boot loader on my MBR since I have a dual boot system. (slack+windows)

    1) What happens if I mess up my MBR? Will I need knoppix or my old floppy to boot to linux to fix my lilo config?

    2) Do you have any advice before I do this? I'm backing up important files now.


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    1. Don't Panic
    2. It's easy
    3. Keep a boot diskette handy, just in case
    4. If the mbr gets screwed you can either use a diskette or CDROM to boot and then re-run /sbin/lilo (this re-installs lilo onto the mbr after first seeing if there are any chanbges in /etc/lilo.conf) or you can boot into MSDOS and do a fdisk /mbr , which make your PC a DOS/Windows only one. Or you can have a look at one of the tutorials in this forum that show the WinXP way of overwriting your mbr.

    have fun


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    Don't be afraid of installing lilo on the MBR.

    At the setup(lilo part) I usually select expert and than:

    1- Begin lilo header
    2- Linux option
    3- Xp option
    4- Install

    I always install lilo on the MBR, never had a problem, so far.

    Good luck mate.


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