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    [SOLVED] ATI fire gl v7700 stops linux from loading?

    I am hoping to find someone who knows a way to deal with this issue; I can not get ubuntu or fedora cd to run in my system.

    I am using 4 core AMD phenom (black edition, 3.4mhz), MA785GM gigabyte MB, dual monitors w/ATI firegl v7700 card, 6 gig 800mhz ddr2 ram. I have not pushed any settings to speed up this system.

    I have tried; Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10, 32 and 64 bit cd. I also tried the latest fedora 32 bit cd. All "froze" during the boot. They did not freeze, I just can not see the output on the screen.

    I had installed Ubuntu Studio, 10.10 and it also will not boot, but I do have win 7 as a dual boot with ext2explorer so I can get to the linux folders to make changes.

    What changes, or where do I make changes to resolve this issue? I thank you for your interest and any pointers to resolve this as I want to move away from Microsoft and do more to support open source.

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    Okay, I got aggravated and started arbitrarily downloading and burning... I found that PC Linux E17 works and installs. So, it is not what I had in mind, but it is kinda better than nothing. I will try debian next I guess... Or try to understand what the difference is and make my own linux install...

    I do not want to tackle that (building my own graphic design based distro) right now, maybe someone has another option?

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    kind of solved

    Saybayon looks like it may work. On my first try I had a bug... I will try again.

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    kind of solved

    Saybayon looks like it may work, 5.5 keeps crashing, Iwill try 5.4 next. It looks like pclinux will work, but it is a 32 bit system and I really want to use some 64 bit video applications.

    Because of the way Ubuntu originally installed itself and since it will not boot correctly, and as no one has yet been able to give any pointers on how to fix that install, I did try the above and other installs. This has trashed my windows 7 boot area. Now I am thinking I will just reformat and keep installing different distros until I get what will install and run. Then reformat again, load windows 7 and then install the final linux or perhaps pcbsd... but I doubt pcbsd will work out, and then be done with this little piece of Hell.

    Anyone have any advice in the meantime I am happy to hear, well, read it.


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    How I fixed this issue

    Remove the FireGL workstation card...

    Use either the built-in ATI video (if your bord has one) or perhaps other video may work other than ATI? I do not know since I had all AMD and no Intel, nVidea, etc.

    Once a consumer video solution is in place, again ATI makes it easier, at least in Ubuntu Distros, restart and finish boot. Once this is done Ubuntu, and perhaps others will either tell you that there is a proprietary driver available, if so activate it.

    If not use apt-get, synaptic, yum... what ever it takes to get and install the ATI driver "fglrx" and associated files. Once this is done you can use ATI's CCC and make the setting you need or want.

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