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    ubuntu installation incomplete

    I thought I'd try a mini PC - so I got a Zotac MAG HD w/o OS. Then I thought it was a perfect time to try Linux - made a bootable USB Flash drive downloaded from site - believe I followed all directions for this. Put the stick in the slot, hooked up the HDMI to the TV and started up. All began well. Since there was nothing on the computer - had it Erase Drive and Install. Got to the Who Are You screen - filled put fields - used lower case and whatever I was told to do. After a bit all froze - eventually turned computer off.
    Now when I try to turn on - the Mag logo screen comes up - then black screen with cursor in corner. Doesn't matter if the USB flash is in or not. Computer lights up and it beeps as starts - Crtl-Alt-Del does a restart to the blinking cursor.
    Due to incomplete install something is missing - but I haven't the faintest what keys to try - can't type anything at cursor either.
    Amy ideas? Install problem - or is there a problem with this brand new mini pc?

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    Have you tried changing boot preference "boot USB" ?
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    Thanks- thought I did that during the part of the installation that I was able to do. However, since all I now get is a black screen with blinking cursor and cannot type anything and haven't the faintest what keys to try to get anything - how do I proceed from where I am? The install didn't complete - so I think something may have happened in partitioning and/ or no MBR now - and I don't know what to try now.

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    Usually a freeze like that is indicative of a graphics card issue. It looks like the Zotac uses an Nvidia Ion GPU, and there does appear to be a bug report with a similar issue.

    I would guess installing the closed-source nvidia driver would solve the issue, since the open source nouveau driver isn't working. Of course, to do that, you first need to get a working install. In general, whichever linux you're using, at the beginning of the boot process there should be an option to edit the bootline. (Or in some cases, like Ubuntu I believe, there is a selection for Safe Graphics mode or "nomodeset".)

    Lacking those options, what you want to do is edit the kernel line, appending the following
    The kernel line will look something like this

    kernel /boot/vmlinuz26 root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/103a2663-f884-41fc-b9ca-ed6f3fdc7653 ro quiet splash
    Doing that most likely will allow you to complete the install. From there google for directions on installing the nvidia driver for your particular distribution.

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