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    How to delete linux partition

    Hi ,

    Sytem - Sony Vaio PCG FX-170.
    20 GB hard disk
    I have 3 partition
    1). 7 GB for Win ME
    2). 6 GB for Win XP prof
    3). 5 GB for Linux 7.3
    i am using Redhat linux

    My question is how should i install Linux 7.0 on my laptop and over rite my linux 7.3 version


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    It seems like you want to degrade from 7.3 to 7.0. Call me crazy but I think you can just reinstall 7.0 on the linux partition that you already have. If not, wipe out the partition and reinstall it that way.
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    Redhat 7.3 to 7.0 .. when i am trying to install 7.0 on 7.3 its giving me the option upgrade. If i select that option i get a message there are no linux partitions!!

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    just use a tool like partition magic and delete the linux partitions where red hat 7.3 was installed.

    then just leave the space as 'unallocated' and when you are installing linux again (as long as the installer gives you the option - I know 7.3 and up does, not sure about 7.0).

    then when you insert the install cd make sure you pick that unallocated section for your partitions - usually the option is 'keep existing partitions and use free space"

    but.. it makes me wonder why you would want to switch from 7.3, it is my favorite of all red hat versions.

    check out my guide in my signature below if you want more info on linux esp - red hat.
    if you have done your research and have your mind made up, then just do what i suggested above and that should take care of things for ya

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    The reason for moving from Linux 7.3 to 7.0 is my Laptop does'nt support the Redhat Linux 7.3 version . I don't get the GUI screen!! I want to install Oracle on Linux thats my main goal..

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    it should support it, you just might have to use different settings
    do you have a link where it explicitly says that your laptop does not support 7.3?
    you might just have to manually enter your sync and refresh rates or adjust your resolution from 24bit to 16bit.

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