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Thread: SATA verses IDE

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    SATA verses IDE

    I am about to install Linux and Windows XP on a partitioned hard drive (dedicated for these two OSís only. The data and software apps will be on other drives). I have two choices for a drive, an 80 Gb IDE or an 80 Gb SATA drive. Are there any advantages to the SATA over the IDE on an Abit NS7 motherboard?

    As a back up for the 80 Gb OS drive, can I ghost it to another 80 Gb drive? Can a SATA be ghosted to an IDE? Are there better options for backing up this drive?


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    SATA is supposed to be faster, isn't it? I'd go with that.
    You'll have to wait for someone else to answer the second question.
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    Perhaps it won't happen, but I suspect that IDE drives will be dying off considerably in the near future. Solid state drives look to be the new wave and they seem to be going SATA for the most part.
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    There isn't much sense getting an IDE drive over a SATA one in 2011 unless you're using a really old 2.4 kernel or some other mix of hardware/software that doesn't support SATA.

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