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    Linux From Scratch

    I am planning to build lfs,what are the steps/instructions/methodss do i need to follow,

    in my system i am using ubuntu 10.4( i have pc-desktop)

    for building lfs ,which linux os is required,
    1q)what exactly lfs,i am bit confusing ,is that developing one linux os (as per our requirements)

    can any ine give good explanation,material ,full details

    i can/i have
    1) full internet facility
    2)i can compile the packages,i am good at using terminal (performing commands)

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    Quote Originally Posted by connect2jan View Post
    can any ine give good explanation,material ,full details
    It's doubtful that anyone here could provide better info and documentation than that found at the Linux From Scratch website so I'd recommend following that:

    LFS Project Homepage

    Read LFS Online

    LFS Trac

    Good luck with your Linux build.

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    lfs means ,do we making /creating our own linux live cd?

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    In some sense,yes. Once you created the Linux ,you need to convert that into bootable ISO image thus it becomes "live cd".
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    I'm working through the latest LFS 6.7 book (downloaded from their web site). It gives you complete step-by-step instructions, and pretty clearly explains what you are doing each step of the way, down to the options you are providing various commands and what they do/mean. I'm about 1/2-2/3 done - almost to the point of building a kernel - to install on a thumb drive which I will test out on my laptop and workstation when done. In any case, it takes time. Figure about a week or two of evenings to get a running system built is what it appears to me.

    The newest (6.7) version utilizes much more up-to-date software and kernel (2.6.35) than the old one does, so the resulting system will be quite current. My opinion is that LFS is a very fine piece of work. It has taught me a lot of little tricks that I was unaware of even after 10 years using Linux. The writing is clear, concise, and complete for what it wants to do, which I think is to teach people how a linux distribution is bootstrapped from source code. My kudos to the author(s).

    P.S. I think I'm inclined to donate some of my hardly earned $$ to the LFS team.
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