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    Help Installing Internet Service Provider on Linux

    Hey wats up guys. Well I just installed Mandrake Linux 9.1. I like it so far, but I am still very new at this. I only took a beginner Unix class in college. I'm having trouble using my ISP, JUNO. I put my cd in, and it won't recognize it. I've had someone tell me that I need drivers for it, but I'm not sure how to do this. Any sugguestions or advice guys? Thanx in advance.

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    have you tried using kppp?

    usually you can just use that and just put in your username and password, usually linux uses all of its own drivers to connect to the internet.
    the cd is likely not recognized cuz it was designed for windass so obviously it won't work in linux.

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    Find out if you have a winmodem and if you do, follow the howto on setting it up under linux. Then just setup a dialer to dial into juno. You shouldn't need the cd at all.

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    I dont think Juno uses standard ppp for there dial up, same situation for aol users.

    Juno does NOT support the following operating systems: Mac OS 9 or earlier, Windows 3.11 or earlier, Windows CE, Palm OS, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft X-Box, Web TV, Unix/Linux for PC/Mac, and Mobile Phone Web.
    Try emailing their support staff and see if they do use standard ppp if not look elsewhere for your isp.

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    Ok thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. L8a

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