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    Large Hard Disk support in Linux

    Wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have an old machine limited to 8.4 GB HD size. Now I can get it to boot using the HD utilites disk/Ontrack,
    unfortunately, it only lists Windows support (Fat 16/32). As I'm new to Linux is there a simple way of using a Large HD with Linux on my system.

    P.S. Needless to say I can't find a ( free ) BIOS update for it, if anyone knows of a compatible one the system is a DIGITAL VENTURIS FX 5133.

    Thanks in advance

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    what do ya wanna do? so u wanna install linux on yr 8 G HD, right? Famous distros like RedHat or Mandrake all come with partition tools, you could use them to partition yr HD for Linux installation, please read the installation guide docs on I think Linux's kernel supports over 100G of HDs. and well Ram it supports will surprise u.

    U should go to the vender's site to see if u could get a new version of the bios, why not buy a new motherboard? Even the cheapest one will do.

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    For Skyfolly

    Thanks, I'll try that.

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    yeah, support for larger hard drives is great in linux.

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    For yowwww

    Thanks. It makes sense what with Linux's support for old hardware but large disk requirements that it would, but as a new user I wasn't sure.
    Great guide BTW.

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    Just be sure to create a boot partition, or the boot loader will most likely not work. I know for sure that Linux supports 120GB disks because I'm using one in my home directory server, and I'd be surprised if it would stop anywhere below 500 GB

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    For Dolda2000


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