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    error writing partitions?

    ok everyone i have my bootable iso up and running and can reach the gui but whenever i try to install and rewrite my drive (even manually) i get this error message after a few minutes at 0%. "an error has occurred while writing the changes to the storage devices. the resize operation has been aborted." also when im shutting down it says "please remove the disc and close the tray (if any) then press ENTER:" so i press enter and it shuts down as i dont have any power to my disc drive when im running bt4. when i reboot into vista it checks the file system and fixes a couple errors (i dont know what they are). anybody know whats going on here or know how to fix it? thanks...

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    the resize operation has been aborted
    It is trying to resize your Windows partition to make
    space to create a Linux partition. Perhaps there isn't
    enough free space.

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    but there is i made sure. i even did the math and split it 50/50. 119,735mb each. 111 gig to vist 111.9 to backtrack.

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    Please give us the device partitions. And please read carefully on how to partition. Maybe you are exceeding the number of allowed partitions.

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    Boot up from LiveCD and execute this in Terminal :
    sudo fdisk -l
    Post output here.
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    it uh, came up with this: fdisk: invalid option -- '1' and showed a list of fdisk commands. would you like those posted?

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    it uh, came up with this: fdisk: invalid option -- '1' and showed a list of fdisk commands. would you like those posted?
    I doubt if he would. I won't try to speak for DC but I would guess that he would tell you to use a lower case Letter L in the command, not a number one (1).

    You'll have to run the command as root. You're using Backtrack?? Don't know if you need sudo or just su or su -. Try them all and post the output.

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    need 15 posts to post links...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVRREV4 View Post
    need 15 posts to post links...

    You can check the following thread for some temporary workarounds to the 15-posts requirement for posting URLs:

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    aw well now i just feel stupid lol... go to photobucket and look up my profile, 4evrrev. its the only pic on there.

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