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    Lilo booting via boot.ini stops with only "L" show

    I have one HDD with WIN Xp running on it.
    I have one more partition with NTFS using for WIN Data.
    I added one Swap and one ext2 Parition for installing Knoppix within this extended partitions.
    I installed LILO as Bootmanager in my System root Partition (hda7, Swap is HDA6) and made a 'dd' 512 copy of the Bootsector as many tutorials say.
    I copied that Bootsector within my NTFS C:/ Parition running Windows.
    Now I edited the boot.ini File and added my C:/bootse.lnx for booting my LILO Linux Bootmanager.
    Starting now Linux I get a Screen showing only a 'L' not more and stopping booting!
    What my be the problem?

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    Why haven't u installed lilo on the mbr?It will be easier now two solutions: either u fix ur W$ mbr thx to the install disk or u boot under knoppix and u reinstall lilo on the mbr.
    I can't be more accurate on lilo coz I'm using grub which is much more better for me

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    Same Problem when installing LILO or GRUB in the MBR!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gessi2000
    Same Problem when installing LILO or GRUB in the MBR!
    oki ready
    Quick explanation of grub (someone make a tut on it on this website I don't know where)
    Not very difficult:
    First ur partitions: u must know on which partition is W$ and linux then u determine what it gives under grub (hd0...) if u're not sure u could test ur configuration simply before writing ur menu.lst: u invoke grub at ur prompt and u write what u think is good and u will see if it really is
    For W$ dont forget makeactive and chainloader +1 could u give us ur partitions and ur menu.lst plz?I will watch it and see if I could help u
    Let's see here:
    Read this carefully!!!!

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