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Thread: dual boot

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    dual boot

    I would like to buy new computer and install Linux on it (Oracle Linux).

    After the installation I would like to connect the disk from the old computer that include win XP.

    will the linux boot recognized the new disc and the win Xp instalation .

    will it give me option to choose the installation to start with.

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    basically yes to all
    how you connect your old drive (built in drive in a desktop tower - then yes sure if all else correctly configured)
    if old drive connected via USB then your bios boot sequence needs to support/include boot from USB drive - modern computers normally always support that feature - check your bios setting options to know for sure

    for boot options
    choice possible and also to set a default if no choice made within a few seconds
    all you have to do is to setup/configure your boot manager = grub accordingly

    dual boot is default Linux feature ever since I remember (at least since 199

    the easiest way to have the boot options configured is when you have your old drive connected from the very beginning when you install Linux
    it thus recognizes all available partitions and OS during initial system install and creates a correct boot menu entry for you without further work (does so in my opensuse linux)

    dual boot is a default linux feature and should work in ALL linux dist

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    dual boot


    Basically my old drive is built in drive.

    I will do your advice to connect the drive before the Linux installation

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    this way your system will detect all drives and the win OS and offer you a choice or recommendation of partitions where to install linux
    it's then all common sense and easy for you
    enjoy and good luck

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    don't forget if you're using the preinstalled WinXP from the manufacturer Window's anti-piracy will kick in. OEM Windows considers a "new" PC whenever the motherboard or CPU changes and needs to be revalidated, which can lock you out of using your Windows partition if you aren't careful. Be sure to have the serial key which should be on the side of your old PC, and you may need to call the toll free number (automated, no fear of talking to a representative) to validate your key if doing it over the internet fails.

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