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    Need to get rid of Linux and use only Windows

    My girlfriends computer had Win98/Knoppix on it. She is unhappy with the linux and wants the box to have only win98. I can use my SLacware CD to get rid of the linux partions but how do I get rid of the LILO so that Win98 boots directly as it used to be.

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    Throw in the Windows CD, boot into a Recovery counsel (or whatever they called it back in the 98 days), and fixmbr.

    This will 'fix' the master boot record which will get rid of lilo.

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    hit f8 when the computer starts windows.

    Select command prompt.

    type: fdisk /mbr then hit enter and reboot the computer. Windows 98 doesn't use the master boot record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr-b
    hit f8 when the computer starts windows.

    Select command prompt.

    type: fdisk /mbr then hit enter and reboot the computer. Windows 98 doesn't use the master boot record.
    Good call mr-b, I had no idea that Win98 didn't use the master boot record. Thanks!

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    Thanks alot

    Thanks for the win98 help. Will the same thing work with XP on a computer that came with no cd and only a restore partion on the hard drive

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    You should have the option to burn restore cds. I would do that first before doing anything else if you want to put xp back on it.

    I think XP uses a master boot record as well (like linux) so if you do fdisk /mbr the boot record... xp won't start without either reinstalling or a boot disk.

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    does anyone really ever use this line for "regular repl

    afaik the MBR is the 512 bytes (usually the very first 512 byte) that the BIOS loads at 0000:7C00 (FFFF:7C00 on some rare odd ones I belive) durring boot, and iirc the last 2 bytes must be 0AA55h (or was it 55AAh? long time since I studied the basics of OSes).
    GRUB, lilo, NTOS Loader, "Extended OS Loader" (?), etc are just boot loaders that begins at the MBR, GRUB is afaik a 2(/3?)-stage loader, stage 1 is the ine that fits in the 'magic' 512 bytes (I can imagine it simply loads stage 2, which does fun stuff like A20 enabling, entering Protected Mode)

    Usually the problem with dual booting/windows is that it zaps the MBR regardless of what was/is there, especially the Win9x/Me simply "zaps", Win2k afaik (at least older versions/revisions of it) seems to keep the old GRUB MBR as a bin file which can be booted to, WinXP seems to have "fixed"(note: absolutley no subliminal insinutaions here, I don't know why on earth you'd say I'd be making such accusations, I mean, why would I ever acuse a founding member of the BSA of ever writing anti-non-MS-MBR NTOS loader MBR installers?... :P) ) this behaviour, by not beeing as inteliigent -- it's reverted to the Win9X series MBR installation method -- "if I can replace whatever MBR there was with my version, I do it"), this seems to be a reversed case, ie, Windows not eating the MBR

    btw, the 512 byte MBR that Win9x uses is RE'd (uhm, well really, simply a disassembly(read: opcode to mnemonic transliteration, reversed assebmly process)), and it's compared to eg, GRUB or NTOS loader a trivial pice of code, actually not that overbloated - if you ever get the idea of writing your own toy "OS" , I'm sure you'll run in to it.

    > You should have the option to burn restore cds.
    Well, a golen rule that used to save my poor computer when windows said "Exception error, try again" for the 30th time in a row during boot, always make a boot diskette (regard less of why you use windows, if or what other OSes you got installed) -- it contains stuff like fdisk, which includes the '/mbr' option. For Win NT you usually have a recover CD or the legimitive bootable installation CD - which will if you do some searching (I wonder why they didn't include a "Restore MBR" option at the first screen...) allow you to restore the old MBR.

    (to end this zealotic reply I'm happy I no longer need to bother with all these re-installations of windows when ever it broke (down), or digging in cryptic files (like %WINDIR%/inf/oddfileNaMe.inf just to enable the uninstall option of eg MSN messenger) and registry keys after booting to "failsafe" mode to get the OS/driver to understand I'm not using the by BIOS disabled on board gfx card but an add on after each driver uppgrade (realliy, that was _quite_ anoying with the old box in the days before liberation/iinux) -- I could spend some time flaming/hating windows, but not all is bad, Win95 did actually do some good - it allowed one to run Final Fantasy VII... and it started as a nice idea, really...
    Regards Scienitca (registered user #335819 - )
    A master is nothing more than a student who knows something of which he can teach to other students.

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    That was cool

    XP, afaik, doesn't come with boot disks (though you can make them). This restore partition I've seen a couple times and it's the only way to get your install cd's. I guess the computer companies can't afford the 60 cents to make 3 cd's for the poor end users.

    Windows really sucks with crappy hardware. I've had very few problems with my 10 or so machines over the last 5 years. I use good stuff to build them. That in no way diminishes my comtempt for the company that supplies my income through the never ending format reinstalls.

    I am trying to find my perfect distro from the hundreds out there and am getting close. Linux can perform and look very nice, but I still seem to take huge performance hits with it. I just tried suse 64 live cd and was not impressed at all. Where's the speed? I know, dump KDE and things will be fine

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    So is it a image

    YOu said the restore partition was the only way to get your install cd. So can this partion be used like a ISO image and burn it in such a way to cd

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    hi i don't know about this flavor,
    but i have had duel boots with win and mandrake and on the first mandrake disk if you press f1 and enter "rescue" at the prompt you will find a cat called
    "restore windows bootloader", this works very well and has saved me several times.

    ps. apart for the issue with my laptop, mandrake 10.1 rules , it is as good as anything MS has to offer and FREE (check out the community download).

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