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    got the partition....need your help

    Alright. I've partitioned my harddrive (F:/) so i can duel boot Win Me and Red hat 9. now, when I go into the "my computer", it asks if I want to format F:/. Should i do so? That is where i want my red hat.

    BTW: I'm using the CDs from the "Red Hat 9 for dummees", if that makes a difference.

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    How many physical hard drives do you have? Within those hard drives, how many partitions are on each of them?
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    Alright, I actually did this once, so I should be some sort of help (I hope). However I used Red Hat 8.0 and I currently have Red Hat 9.0 on another hard disk with 11 partitions and 4 gigs each. I have a dual boot with multiple Linux Distros and storage partitions.

    However, back to the point. I started with Windows ME already installed on the system with two partitions, the primary being Windows, and the secondary being nothing with no drives. Then I started up the Red Hat 8.0 disks ( your case 9.0, there won't be much difference in it at all ), and when it asked about partitioning, you could go either "automatically partition" or "manually partition" I chose automatically, but manually might be better. With the automatically partition, it will take all the remaining space ( the stuff on the secondary partition ) and install Red Hat on that. If you can handle the manual partition, I suggest doing it, because then, you'll see probabley a hda1 or something with a Windows FAT32 or something like that, then a little hda2 with an arrow that points down with free space under it (indented from it as well) Just set up the /, swap partition, and however else you want to write the extra partitions that you may or may not write for your Red Hat System. Then when the boot loader or such comes, I suggest writing to your MBR, if you don't, it will be evil and you'll have to use a boot disk to get the system to run the boot loader to choose from the two OS's.

    Thats my explanation, may not be the best, but I'm sure you can handle it, if your checking out linux compared to Windows, then you must be some sort of geek right? I know I am... ( and I'm proud of it, though it makes me a complete outcast to my town society. LOL!!! )

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