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    [Solved] Grub 2 image not working

    I am trying to customise my Grub 2 menu and add a background image, but struggling to get it to work. I have a plethora of tutorials but I must be missing something. Here is a quick recap of my steps:
    1. grub-update
    2. copy>paste grub.cfg into 40_custom
    3. make changes and change executables in grub.d
    4. all worked perfectly.
    - now for the image:
    1. add 8 bit .jpg image to /boot/grub
    2. grub-update - message that it recognised new image
    3. reboot - no-change...
    4. added specific path and file name to grub GRUB_BACKGROUND=/boot/grub/TuxLinux8bit.jpg
    5. grub-update - message recognised image and listed it twice.
    6. reboot - still-no-change

    In some tutorials I see instructions to change use_bg=true, but I don't see a use_bg=false statement anywhere to change. The files reside in my Ubuntu partition and I notice the colors are still "Ubuntu" color scheme so I am wondering if this info is pulling from somewhere else...

    Hope this makes sense. Any help?
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    I don't really mess with the boot menu very much, so I don't have any specific thoughts on it.
    But the best GRUB2 info that I've seen to date might help... see here.

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    copy>paste grub.cfg into 40_custom
    Why did you do that? Did you copy all the contents of grub.cfg or just a few particular code?

    1. add 8 bit .jpg image to /boot/grub
    Aren't you trying to use new SplashImage?
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    I wanted to customize the number of OS entries and the look of the menu verbiage. I followed these instructions: GRUB2 revisited |

    Yes, I am trying to have a background image on my grub2 startup menu so it looks better.

    Edit 1
    OK, I think I may have an idea. My 00_header, 05_debian, etc updates that feed grub.cfg may be overridden because the old versions are still in my 40_custom file which runs last. Should I copy those updated versions from grub.cfg into 40_custom or should I just delete them from 40_custom so they don't overrule... or am I confused. My brain hurts.

    Edit 2
    Yes! That was my problem. I edited 40_custom and removed the entries that duplicated the executables (00_header, 05_debian and 20_Linux...). That is why grub recognised the image yet never loaded it. Thanks for your help. Your questions made me think about it a little differently and the lightbulb went on.
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