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Thread: GRUB Deleted

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    GRUB Deleted

    Hi all,
    Recently i installed Windows 7 in my laptop( Fedora 15 was already installed) and my grub got deleted. Now i am not even able to boot Windows 7. When i start my laptop grub terminal is displayed to me and never goes beyond that.
    Please help me out restoring GRUB.


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    It should be quite easy, provided you've got your original Fedora 15 install disk to hand. Here's what you do:

    1. Boot up off your install media, just like you did when you did the original install
    2. Select the repair or rescue mode from the bootup menu, this will boot using the CD or DVD and will try to find your system, which it will mount to /mnt/sysimage.
    3. At the command prompt use the 'chroot' tool to activate your system, use 'chroot /mnt/sysimage'
    4. You can now reinstall grub with '/sbin/grub-install'. If this doesn't work, you may have to specify which drive you're installing to. This is normally /dev/sda (i.e. the first hard disk on the system), so use '/sbin/grub-install /dev/sda' - if it isn't then find out which disk your system boots from and use that as the parameter.
    5. Reboot your system with '/sbin/shutdown -r now' from the command line.

    All should now be well. This process is covered in a bit more detail in the Fedora Rescue Mode Documentation.
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