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    Dual Boot on a highly restricted PC

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the world of Linux but find it interesting and would like to learn more about it.

    My problem is I am trying to install Ubuntu at work on a restricted PC. The computer is highly restricted to the point were you can not access the cmd or the desktop for that matter. The only thing it lets u access is the Internet but u can only access the website they have and there is no search link available. The only way to search the web is to go through youtube and get the google link from their page.

    Another way is to have ubuntu installed on a flash drive and boot it from that. What I would like to do is install ubuntu onto a part of the hard drive and not have to bring the usb drive every time. Would this be possible to do?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    I'm sure that what you're looking for is entirely possible.
    But, seeing as this is a computer at your workplace, I can only assume that your IT department has it locked down for a reason.

    So, really, I can only advise that you discuss the option with them.

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    Also, as they have locked down the interface so tightly, I seriously doubt they forgot to disable booting the OS from external media. And the BIOS is likely password-protected.

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    need more info

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    As Jayd512 said, you need to work with your IT department to do this. They may not allow it, and there may be VERY good reasons why not. When you are on computers owned by your employer, you are bound to respect their limits. If you have a business need to be able to surf the web, then you should be able to get management permission to do so, in which case, the IT department will probably wave some magic wand to let you do that. Your other option is to bring in your own computer w/ a wireless modem (cell 3g or 4g) so you can access the internet on a computer that is not connected to the company internal network, and thus cannot compromise your system, the network, or your company's proprietary information.
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