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    Recommended OS for low power pc at sports club


    My local sports club received a low powered pc as a donation. The aim of the pc is to connect it up to the projector and thereby be able to show video's of recorded rugby matches and also serve for displaying presentations and documents etc.

    I originally installed Mythbuntu and then decided to use XBMC instead of Mythtv on the computer. Both are overkill for what is required. And I had sound problems. I now what to do a complete re-install and do it properly.

    I am looking for recommendations on:
    1. a light weight OS to install that is good with old hardware (drivers etc.)
    2. a user friendly application for making a video library. basically users must start up the PC and being shown a nice GUI that will allow them to browse to the relevant rugby match very easily. XBMC was quite good at this, but all the extra's it offered was overkill.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've already replied to this once but my response hasn't showed up after a half hour so I'm going to try again. If you see two responses from me you'll know why.

    I think you should try Xubuntu 10.04 LTS. The software you need is likely to be in the repo. You didn't give the specs on your machine but movies play very nicely from a thumb drive using Xubuntu 10.04 LTS on VLC on a 1 GHz P3 machine with 512 MB of RAM.

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    Thanks Eldergeek, I'll give Xubuntu a try, the computer previously ran Mythbuntu, just a bit slowly, so hardware wise it should be fine.

    But I need to find something else that VLC. VLC itself is not the issue, the problem is that the PC is hooked up directly to a projector and it is really hard to read the folder and file names from the projector screen. XBMC worked ok, except that it kept on trying to link to the internet to download covers etc. I looked for turning this off but couldn't find anything. Basically I'm looking for a less featured XBMC. All it must do is track a video library of homemade video's grouped in folders and display the titles is big bold letters. Any ideas?


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