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    mbr reference to grub issue

    I have a virtual machine setup to dual boot two different Linux systems

    I have a disk with the following partitions:

    Primary 1 /dev/sda1 ext4 for /boot partition of multiple OSs
    Primary 2 /dev/sda3 ext for data transfer purposes--not mounted at boot
    Extended 1 /dev/sda5 ext4 for / partition of unbuntu 32bit variant OS
    Extended 1 /dev/sda6 ext4 for / partition of debian 64bit variant OS
    Extended 1 /dev/sda7 ext4 for /data partition to be mounted on both OS
    Extended 1 /dev/sda8 linux-swap

    I'm able to repeatedly boot both OSs from grub on /dev/sda1 with no issues.

    My objective is to get this working environment redeployed to physical hardware that will have the same partition setup, but the partitions will be of a larger size.

    To prepare for the re-provisioning I have booted from a rescue CD (w w, have mounted the three partitions and tared up the contents with tar -cvpzf

    On the physical hardware I've done the following:
    1. Boot from the aforementioned rescue CD
    2. Used gparted to replicate the partition setup and format the partitions with /ext4 like the original installation.
    3. Mounted the partitions to restore files
    4. copied the tarfiles over, gunzipped them and untared them using -xpvf
    5. Verified that the files and directories appear to be restored correctly

    This is the point that I'm kinda stuck at. I know that I need to prepare the MBR and get it to load grub from /dev/sda1 that has the linux kernals and grub on them.

    I've looked at serveral articles about reinstalling grub, and although I don't think I need to actually reinstall it, I thought that this article (w w would be nearly exactly what I'm looking to do, but I'm not successful.

    In my case I sda5 is equivalent to sda2 from the article, but when I boot with rescuecd root=/dev/sda5, I get a kernel panic. Screenshot at

    Seems like there should be a simpler way to tell the MBR to run grub on /dev/sda1 and get me going here.

    Thoughts, advice?


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    I got a little further.

    I tried Section 2 in that document and got it so that grub would load, and I had to correct the root= parameter to accommodate for a slightly different naming convention.

    From: set root='(hd0,msdos1)'
    To: set root='(hd0,1)'

    Now I get the start of a boot, but things just sit there after this message:
    udhcpc[598]: Lease of obtained, lease time 86400

    ...then nothing.

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    had to modify /etc/fstab to not use uuids from old disk structure.

    All good now.


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