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    Vector Linux 4.3 install help


    I have an old Pentium Pro, Intel motherboard, Adaptec AHA-2940 UW SCSI controller, Seagate 18 gig SCSI drive, Nvidia Riva TNT video card box that keeps giving me the same error when I try to install Vector.
    "Error Error. I could not find the Veclinux.bz2 file in a Veclinux directory on your hard drive or the CD ROM" then it tells me to check a bunch of things that I am not experienced enough to do.

    Could the SCSI card be the problem? I do not think that the Install CD is
    bad, I downloaded Vector again and checked the download size to the previous download and burn and they all match.

    I sure would like to try this Distro because i have an old computer. Help, please.

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    I have that same SCSI controller, and I've noticed it's very slow on boot-up, both in the BIOS and the OS. It may be you need to upgrade the BIOS, or try installing it on an IDE hardrive if you can.

    There are other distros you can try for older systems, such as Damn Small Linux & Feather Linux.
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