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    GRUB is installed by default to the MBR, but it can be installed to the /boot partion too.
    As far as bootloaders go, all systems must have a bootloader, whether it's Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, whatever. The bootloader starts a sort of chain recaction of booting the OS.
    I personally reccomend using GRUB.
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    LILO and GRUB are bootloaders. So when you boot up with your hard drive it will appear and give you a choich of what to boot into, this is very useful if you have more than 1 operating system on your computer.

    My problem has been solved
    I come up with 3 choices
    (LILO and GRUB) not one of them

    1- boot up from your hard driver
    2- I don't remember this one but it is related to the hard driver.
    3- boot from floppy disk

    I set the (bootloader) >> my hard drive ( the 1st one) and tt works
    I shouldn't use the floppy disk. I don't need it, unless for emergiances.

    thank you again

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    Great to hear

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