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    Question Installing (Back Track 5 live cd) Not detecting my hard disk.

    Hello Everyone..
    I have a BT 5 Live Cd and when I open "Install BackTrack" I end up in step 4 of 8 which is "prepare partitions" but my hard drive is not detected ,It doesn't show any partitions or devices or anything...just blank and when I click "Forward" it gives:"No root file system is defined..please correct this from the partitioning menu"

    I have one hard disk(Western Digital Green) which has win 7 installed on it. It has three partitions and is working fine under windows.

    My kernel ver is 2.6.38 -i686
    this is a screen shot of what I get :

    Any help will be appreciated

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    In a terminal, type
    fdisk -l
    If your drive is there, then I guess it's a problem with the backtrack installer.
    If you don't see your drive listed, try
    and see if the correct kernel module has been loaded. On my machine, I need ahci. If you don't see ahci listed in the output, try
    modprobe ahci
    fdisk -l
    And see if your drive is there. If your drive is present, you may want to restart the installer, and see if you can install. Note, I have not used backtrack nor installed it, so I don't know how applicable these instructions will be in your case.

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    The drive may be getting automounted by backtrack. Unmount it before running the installer.
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