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    Linux on USB Harddrive + Win Partition and Aftereffects of it all

    Aamof there aint to much information on this, yes some info at pendrivelinux but not enough to satisfy my needs.

    Today i have a laptop so I wont screw with the internal HD.

    I want to start programming, took me 3 weeks to decide what language, everyone says a different thing, start with the easiest one - python, or ruby, then go for C, C# or C++ cause it will be easier. Some said the other way around, go with c and once you get the hang of that you wont have any problems learning another language. I decided it will take me longer to get a clear answer cause everyone thinks different. So I have finally decided to start with C even tho iam a complete beginner.

    But, here comes the initial question, I want to program C on linux, and I decided to use Ubuntu. So, iam going to buy a USB external Harddrive, either a "Western Digital MyBook Essential 3.0 1TB, USB" or any other USB harddrive.

    The questions is, and I will not complicate it, i have a tendency to write to much.

    A: As iam only going to program i dont need much space, so i figured I satisfy with 100 GB on the USB HD, but the rest I want dedicated to Windows so I can use the usb hd as a storage device, Is this possible? If it is, should I first make the partition in Windows 7 or when i install ubuntu?

    Aa: Iam using a Notebook so iam afraid I will screw up the MBR with any bootloader stuff on the internal HD, how can I prevent this from happening while installing on the usb hd? There is no way i can unplug the internal hd

    B: If I ever regret installing ubuntu on usb hd, is it possible to delete the partition and make the drive as out of the box, meaning cleaning it completele of any linux code, the boot sectors and everything?

    C: Here you give your own tips and tricks that can be useful for me when installing ubuntu on Usb harddrive.

    Thanks in advance
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    It's possible. Don't know how you plan to use it. If you want to use the windows bootloader to boot windows on the internal and the Ubuntu Grub bootloader to boot Ubuntu on the external, you would need to make sure you DO NOT INSTALL Grub to the master boot record of the internal drive. In the Allocate Drive Space window during the installation of Ubuntu, there is an option for bootloader installation and you would need to select the external device to install to. In the case I am describing, it would probably be sdb.

    You should be able to create any size partition you want for Ubuntu. I'm not sure that it would make any difference whether you create the windows partition on the external before or after. Should be able to do either. I would suggest you provide more detailed information as to your intentions and also post partition information. You can do that by booting the Ubuntu CD and selecting the option to Try without Installing, open a terminal and run this command and post the output here: sudo fdisk -l (That is a lower case Letter L in the command).

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