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    Please help newbie - Yoper

    OK. I re-loaded Yoper with Lilo. Install goes well. Talks about re-booting
    and setting up monitor. I can not get there. On reboot, I get black screen.
    No login, nothing, black screen. Have a video resolution issue. Boot from cd to get to: root@(none):$ I can then get to /usr/X11R6/bin I then
    type xfree86setup and get the message " Only root can configure x "
    This leads me to believe I have to be logged in with the name I made
    during installation. I can not figure out how to login to get to be able to
    run xfree86setup so I can adjust resolution. This is driving me crazy, can someone please assist. Thank you

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    you can become the root (aka superuser) by entering su - followed by the root password when prompted. Then, once you're done, entering exit will put you back as the "normal" user. Please note that the "-" after the su means that you will pick up all of the environment that you would get if you logged on as root.

    Other things to know, pressing Ctrl Alt F1 through to F6 should get you a text based console to login from (six of them), while Ctrl Alt F7 will put you into the screen that is, hopefully, running the X gui. Also pressing Ctrl Alt Backspace will kill the X that is running and either leave you at a text console prompt or attempt a re-start of X.

    have fun


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