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    problem PXE installing debain using local network repository

    Hi Guys
    My organisation is looking at rolling out debain on quite a few machines and potentially several hundred machines. To make this process easier i have make a pxe boot server which installs the OS from the net install files this is working great however where i am having a problem is obviously the netinstall files have to connect to the internet to get files from a repository during installation and this is not really ideal for us. To get aroud this i have created my own repository on our network (which works) and need to use this during the install but i cant figure out how, during the installation i get the choice or repositories to pick but cant add my own. I am going to be using a preseed file for the install but i cant figure out how to set my respository in this either.

    any help would be greatly appriciated

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    You could set up a DNS server on your LAN w/DNS records pointing Debian -- The Universal Operating System (or whatever) to your internal debian mirrors. then as long as your PXE/DHCP server assigns clients the DNS server, and use it as the default router, the clients will think that your mirror is the internet debian server.

    Edit: Dnsmasq might be the ticket.
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