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    How to choose OS boot with two separate Hard Drives, each with own OS

    Current set up:
    Main HDD bay:
    128GB SSD with windows 7.

    optical drive bay turned into HDD bay:
    750 GB HDD with Ubuntu 12.04

    Both installed fine, but by default, it boots windows 7 (i assume because windows 7 is on the main hdd bay).
    I can get ubuntu to boot if i hit f8 or f12 at startup and tell my cpu which hdd to boot from.

    Is there a way that I can have these OS's completely separated on these two HDD, but still have the option to boot up either one , without having to hit the f8 or f12 key? Maybe i need to somehow install the linux bootloader on my SSD which only has windows 7?

    also, given my current set up, do you think it would be better to partition my SSD and have windows 7 an ubuntu booting from the SSD, and then just sharing the 750GB hdd for docs and such? I guess this way the ubuntu boot loader will then be installed to the SSD and i would have a choice between windows7 and ubuntu?

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    Do you have the option of changing which drive is the master/slave. If so set ubuntu as the master which will start the boot loader so you have the option of which os you want to boot.

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    Maybe i need to somehow install the linux bootloader on my SSD which only has windows 7?
    That's one option. Do you have an entry for windows in your boot menu when you boot the Ubuntu drive? If you do, you should be able to set that drive to boot first and select either. If you don't, run "sudo update-grub" (without quotes) from Ubuntu and it should detect windows and create a menu entry for it.

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    Thanks wimstock and yancek. When I boot from the the Ubuntu drive, it does give me the option to boot into Windows, so I need to look into changing the primary hdd bay on start up. I would prefer to leave the hdd's each in their current bays, but i guess "worst case" i will just have to move them. Thanks for the help!

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