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    Quote Originally Posted by WebAvenger View Post
    yes, same errors. Umm but the grub doesn't install so it wont boot anyways.
    It seems that there is some sort of glitch with Linux Mint installation, maybe just when installing it with RAID hardware. Other people get the exact same error message about boot loader could not be installed on the device.

    Try reading this::

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    You can, if you want, install the boot loader to either sda or sdb, the first or second disks, respectively, but if you choose the second disk, then you will have to instruct your BIOS or some mechanism that this is where you will be booting your system. I don't know why you would want to do that. Regardless of whether your Linux software is on your first or second disk, you ought to be able to install the GRUB bootable location to /dev/sda, which will put the bootable portion of the boot loader on the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the first disk. You ought to be able to do this even if your software is on /dev/sdb in one of the partitions there.

    The information at GRUB 2 bootloader - Full tutorial may provide you with the background and commands that you will need to fix things; it includes a section specifically aimed at helping resolve issues, and there are some additional tools cited to help you, in case you still have problems. Read it carefully, and ask questions if you don't understand something, but it really ought to help if you take some time, learn what it's saying, practice, and get it right. You'll get a lot of satisfaction (and some new understanding) of how boot loaders in general, and GRUB in particular, work.
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    I have the same issue on Alienware M17X R1. This is a hardware RAID so some of the comments posted here do not apply.

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