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    Distribution recommended for minimal OS installation


    I am working on a set-top media box. When booted, the box will simply bring up a media player. No other applications would run.

    At present, we use VLC for the media player.

    I am a bit biased towards debian-based distributions as the repositories tend to have everything I need. Plus, I am used to "apt-get" style install.

    After a little bit of research, I settled on the following:

    Minimal Ubuntu + OpenBox.

    OpenBox is lightweight window manager and seems it can play VLC.

    I am wondering if there is a better alternative. Although disk space is not that important, performance is.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    if, as you say, performance is important, you may want to consider a source-based distro, like Gentoo. They take a little more elbow grease to install, but are worth it b/c they are built specifically for your hardware, with only the features you want. Along those lines, maybe Gentoox, a Gentoo-based XBMC port, would be of interest to you.

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    Instead of OpenBox, you could go truly minimal...

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    I have my media server running Arch. it's minimal and you can put any desktop environment you wan't on it.

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    A very minimal Debian install with IceWM, TWM or one of the boxes. Better yet, if running just sound files, have no "GUI" at all and run all from a command line music player like mp3blaster, mplayer or cmus. With video you would of course need xwindows.

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