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    Installing linux on an NTFS partition.

    Hello all.

    I bought a USB stick from a guy on eBay. He sent me the wrong item, a 64GB memory stick, when I asked for a 16GB memory stick. Now, the 64GB memory stick only supports NTFS and exFat (hence why I wanted a 16GB stick). I'm currently looking into install slackware on this. Are there anyway's to get any Linux distro onto a file system that uses NTFS (this is my only option)?


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    You cannot install linux directly on ntfs.
    It is not a posix filesystem, so it lacks the unix user/group/permission schemes.

    But there is no reason, why you wouldnt be able to format that usb stick as ext4 during the linux installation.
    Hence you can use it, just as you would have used the 16GB stick.
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