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    Dual booting with wireless keyboard


    I have a slight problem in that I cannot dual boot due to the fact that I use a wireless keyboard. I have the Creative Desktop Wireless 6000 keyboard and mouse combo and the reciever plugs into a single USB socket. However, this is not recognised until after an OS has booted. Is there any way to have these devices scanned earlier in the boot process?

    Thanks in advance


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    Check the settings in your BIOS to make sure that "Legacy USB Support" is turned on. On some boards this option is also called "USB Keyboard support". I had this same problem with a Logitech Cordless MX Duo.
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    Wow, that was easy! Should've thought of that myself

    However, I still cannot seem to get into the BIOS using the wireless keyboard, although by the time grub comes up it has been detected. I will just have to use my ps2 keyboard if I need to go in the BIOS.

    Thanks for your help


    Actually, I have just discovered that I can use the wireless to get at the BIOS - just have to press del several times instead of just once. Bit strange but there ya go.

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    Creative Desktop Wireless 6000


    I have the exact same keyboard and mouse, and all used to work just fine under Fedora Core 1, but since the intruduction of kernel 2.6 in FC2, my mouse has started to jitter on linux. Are you experiencing the same problems? If not, what OS are you using?

    Johan van den Berg

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    I seem to remember getting mouse jitters on some earlier versions of the 2.6 kernel, and FC2 might have been one of them. Have you updated your kernel recently, or are you using the stock kernel that came with FC2? If you haven't yet, I'd update your kernel to the newest version and see if it fixes your problem.

    I'm currently running SuSE 9.2 Professional with the version of the Linux kernel, and have no jitters.
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    Yes, I have exactly the same problem. I am using Simply Mepis which offers a choice of booting with the 2.4 or 2.6 kernel. The mouse is fine with 2.4 but VERY jerky with 2.6. This problem has kept me from updating to the Pro version of Mepis, which offers only the 2.6 kernel.

    Needless to say, I am still using the 2.4 kernel. I may try to upgrade the kernel to the latest, although I am a noob and have no idea how to go about doing that!

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    I am currently on FC3, with stock 2.6.9-1.667 kernel, and it still happens. I am now rebuilding the kernel with hci-core.c enabled with debugging as explained in Documentation/input/input.txt

    I'll post my findings... Really hope we can solve this.

    Johan van den Berg

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    Bug in 2.6 kernel can be fixed...


    I've been debugging this problem few days and yesterday I found the solution for the jerky mouse in Creative Wireless desktop 6000.

    I've put the patch to kernel 2.6.9-1.667 used in Fedora Core 3 into

    If you have some other version of the source files, it would be easies to check the changes from the patch and try to fit them to your version of hid-core.c and hid.h.

    BTW the fix affects to overall system performance also...

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    Thanks for the effort. I'm going to try this tonight, as the problem is only at home


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