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    Question Advice needed on partitioning

    Hello people. I would like to start a regular usage desktop computer. I have worked out all the details, and I have one thing to do remaining, figure out how i'll slice the disk. I usually do a 4-gig swap and the remaining /, but i want to try to slice my disk some more, since that way when I (from some odd reason) have to reinstall, i won't have to bother backing up all my photos and stuff. So, if i want 3 disk slices, /, /home, and swap, on a 300GB hard disk, what should be the sizes?

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    ROOT and HOME partition size doesn't really matter too much as long as they are large enough to hold the system or data that you will be installing to them. In my case, I generally create a ROOT partition of about 10 to 15 GB, and a HOME partition about the same size. I don't bother with a SWAP partition because I have lots of RAM on board and that partition never gets used. Of course, if you'll be installing lots of software or storing lots of data, you might need larger partitions. Otherwise, you might be able to get by with smaller partitions.

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    I'd try something like
    / 20GB
    /home 20GB
    If you think you want swap
    /swap 1GB
    Use the rest for data storage or as a test bed for new distros. Keep in mind, if you do install other distros, you can use the above /home and /swap partitions for both'll only need to create / for the new distro.
    EDIT: Be sure to use different usernames if you choose to share /home between two or more distros. It gets confusing and causes problems.
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