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    installation problem while dual booting...

    hi every1 !!
    i m dual booting my system with with windows 7 and red hat enterprises linux 6..while booting rhel6 i m having a trouble.
    actually, after completetion of partitioning and all when it is installing packages it is showing error while installing Python package.

    my system is running on I3 processor with 3GB RAM and 500 GB memory.

    i have windows 7 running on my system and want to dual boot it with red hat but the problem arises just after installation process starts.
    after partitioning, i am following the steps:

    ->there is boot loader operating system list containing two choice which are:
    1) other
    2)red hat enterprises linux
    i selected second one (red hat).

    ->then there comes a list containing:
    1)basic server
    2)database server
    3)web server
    4) desktop
    and many more...from which i selected "desktop" .
    -> then the process of installation starts . it starts installing total of 1104 number of packages.
    but after installing about half of the packages while installing "PYTHON" package which is of size 19 MB it is showing following error

    Error Installing Package
    "a fatal error has occurred while installing Python package. This could indicate errors when reading installation media.Installation cannot continue".
    Exit Installer

    ->after this whole process terminates.

    ..i don't know what to do,,is it problem while booting? or there is some error in file which i have? i don't understand anything ...plz help me out with this issue..!!
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    Have you successfully set up a dual boot with windows 7 and Red Hat 6?
    Or are you just trying to install Red Hat?
    What is the specific error you get regarding Python?
    You do know that you need to pay for Red Hat if you want support and updates. You could try using CentOS which is Red Hat w/o trademarks, etc.
    More specifics on the exact errors, the steps you succeeded at and where it stops as well as hardware information would help someone to help you.

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