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    mandrake 10.1 cdrom problem

    I'm using a kind of old HP Pavilion 6630. This system is able to boot from cd, as I have already installed XP in this way. However when I try to install Mandrake 10.1 it gets past the initial stage and seems to detect my cdrom (Samsung) but then says that it is unable to read the cd...then gives me an option to retry..never works. Thinking that maybe I need a driver but can't find any..went to the Mandrake site..nothing. I md5'd the iso also.

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    if md5'd then they must be the good ones...
    have you looked for scratch on the cd, did you make an integrity check onm the cd's themselves (like an error on copy)
    what software did you brun them with

    Have you tried to put back your winXP cd to see if it reads it fine from bootup

    As for the cd's driver, you shouldnt need them since BIOS has a default driver that will enable cd reading.

    My experience with older laptop, tells me that you cdrom might just be "old & dirty" I had lots of problem with my older laptop not wanting to read the drive properly, had nothing to do with linux... simply didnt wanted to boot from cd... have you tryed dloading LIVECD's so you could try doing this instead...

    also if nothing of that works, another option (i did this a few times) would be to put the entire cd's on the computer and install from good old dos... (but this has only works for windows89,me,200,xp,... I never tryed doing it with linux) but it's worth a shot

    In the case you find a solution that wasnt included please post back the How-To...
    If any other helkp is needed dont hesitate to come back
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    Same problem, 10.0


    I am having essentially the same problem - HP Pavillion 6635, downloaded the Mandrake 10.0 iso's though, and it get's to where it says trying to read from samsung CD and can't find an install. Has anyone else have any ideas? If it can find the drive to start the process, it would seem that it should be able to continue - particularly as it is detecting what it is.

    I hope someone has a solution - this is only my second time installing linux (and first in years)

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    Same problem

    Having same problem. Hardware is Compaq DeskPro and CD-ROM is Samsung SC-140F. The problem occurs only with Mandrake. For example installation of RedHat is working without problems.
    Any solutions ????

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    I'm beginning to see a pattern here...

    HP/Compaq (same company) + Samsung CD Drive = No Mandrake

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    mandrake 10.1 and samsung cd

    same problem but not with cdr drive. my dvdrom drive (another brand) works fine. Everytime i try to install packages from cd though it asks for cdr drive and then can't read it correctly...says file signiaturs bad. yuch

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    Fails to find file

    Same issue with Mandrake 10.1, but it installs through until it reaches the bootloader, it says it is missing a file starting with "foo" and ending in ".rpm". Mandrake refuses to go to the window manager without it. These are my specs:

    HP Pavilion 6645C
    Celeron 566MHz
    256MB RAM
    36 GB hda1 (windows 98, 2nd edition)
    310 MB hda2 (swap partition)
    6.97 GB hdb1 (trying to install Mandrake 10.1 here)
    32x CD-ROM
    56K v.92 modem
    GeForce 4 MX420

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    Having similar problem with both 10.1 and 10.2 (special 2005 edition) This is on a new Dell Inspiron 6000 and a Philips cdrw/dvd drive. Installation says it detects no drive (even though it booted from it). md5's fine. 10.2 also does not seem to detect hard-disk, so ftp install is out of the question.

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    I just wanted to know whether this issue has been resolved since I'm facing exactly the same issue installing 10.1 and your posts are what, over a year old? and no one still dont have a clue!?


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