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    Does Linux OS (Centos) update firmware automatically.

    Hi All,

    Thank you in advance.

    I have a server running on Centos OS. recently there was some problem and my IT person informed me that the firmware was automatically updated. basically the RAID controller was updated. I have some questions
    1. Can an OS automatically update firmware.
    2. How can i check when was the firmware updated last.


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    When the system is updated, if necessary, firmware will be updated also (if available). Can you check? Usually, yes using the command "yum list '*firmware*'". Here is a list of installed firmware in my SL6 (Scientific Linux 6 - like CentOS 6 it is a clone of RHEL 6):
    aic94xx-firmware.noarch                 30-2.el6                    @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    atmel-firmware.noarch                   1.3-7.el6                   @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    bfa-firmware.noarch                          @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ipw2100-firmware.noarch                 1.3-11.el6                  @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ipw2200-firmware.noarch                 3.1-4.el6                   @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ivtv-firmware.noarch                    2:20080701-20.2             @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    iwl1000-firmware.noarch                 @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    iwl3945-firmware.noarch                    @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    iwl4965-firmware.noarch                @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    iwl5000-firmware.noarch                    @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    iwl5150-firmware.noarch                     @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    iwl6000-firmware.noarch                    @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    iwl6050-firmware.noarch                    @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    kernel-firmware.noarch                  2.6.32-279.14.1.el6         @sl-security
    libertas-usb8388-firmware.noarch        2:5.110.22.p23-3.1.el6      @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ql2100-firmware.noarch                  1.19.38-3.1.el6             @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ql2200-firmware.noarch                  2.02.08-3.1.el6             @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ql23xx-firmware.noarch                  3.03.27-3.1.el6             @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ql2400-firmware.noarch                  5.03.02-1.el6               @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    ql2500-firmware.noarch                  5.03.02-2.el6               @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    rt61pci-firmware.noarch                 1.2-7.el6                   @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    rt73usb-firmware.noarch                 1.8-7.el6                   @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    xorg-x11-drv-ati-firmware.noarch        6.14.2-9.el6                @sl-security
    zd1211-firmware.noarch                  1.4-4.el6                   @anaconda-SL-201101262058.x86_64/6
    This provides the versions, but not WHEN it was last updated... I'm not sure if that information is stored anywhere.
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    For a system:
    OS, ker|rel, machine: Linux, 2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.x86_64, x86_64
    Distribution        : CentOS release 6.2 (Final)
    The command:
    yum history packages-info '*firmware*'
    produces some information. For example, an excerpt:
    Transaction ID : 3
    Begin time     : Fri Jun  8 10:21:54 2012
    Package        : kernel-firmware-2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.noarch
    State          : Update
    See man yum, search for history to see details.

    Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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