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    Exclamation Chrome OS won't boot!

    Hello everyone,

    First, to avoid any further confusion, I am referring to Google's Chromium OS (not the Chrome OS Linux). However, Chromium OS is also based on Linux roots and that is why I'm seeking help here.

    So, for those unfamiliar with the Chrome OS boot process, there are two partitions, one called "ROOT-A" and one called "STATE". The kernel and initialize are on ROOT-A, and a shell script then redirects to STATE. Right now, when booting with GRUB4DOS (to allow dual-booting with Windows), the last error message I see before the PC hangs is:

    [<timecode>] ramoops: request mem region failed
    With a bit of research, I've found out what ramoops does, but I still have no knowledge about what to do.

    For reference, the ROOT-A partition on my computer is /dev/sda7 and the STATE partition is /dev/sda6. The kernel is located at ROOT-A/boot/vmlinuz, there is no swap partition and no initrd. My menu.lst for GRUB4DOS is below to show the parameters I'm giving.

    timeout 0
    title Chromium OS
    root (hd0,7)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz quiet console=tty2 init=/sbin/init boot=local rootwait ro noresume noswap noinitrd root=LABEL=ROOT-A i915.modeset=1 cros_legacy BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinuz
    Thanks in advance for any help I may receive.

    (I know Chrome OS is one of those "out there" Linux distros that probably I should ask for help elsewhere, but thanks anyways)

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    I would suggest posting your question on the Google Chromium forums: Discussion Groups - The Chromium Projects
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