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    Booting into Luninux

    Hi all. I'm having some trouble with what appears to be one of the coolest distributions I have ever seen. Its called Luninux OS, and I can install it just fine, but when I restart and boot into it from GRUB, I just see a black screen with a mouse. I looked around and very few people seem to use the distro, probably because its newer than many.

    Please help. Thanks.

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    Can you post your /boot/grub/menu.lst (GRUB1) or /boot/grub/grub.cfg (GRUB2)?

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    I expect your best source of information would be their site at the link below. If you read that, you will see it is another variation of Ubuntu. You can scroll down to the minimum and recommended hardware requirements. The site has a lot of images and is very slow to load. Some information which would be useful for someone here to assist would be whether this is the only operating system on the computer? if not, what else do you have? Number of drives/partitions. You should be able to boot the install CD and open a terminal and from there run the command: sudo fdisk -l (Lower Case Letter L in the command) to get drive/partition info. Also, posting the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file would help someone to help you.

    Guide - LuninuX OS

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    Sorry for the late response, guys. The boot menu is

    Luninux OS
    Advanced boot with Luninux OS
    Memtest (...)
    Memtest (...,serial ......)
    Windows 7
    Recovery with Windows 7

    I didn't type it exactly, but best as I can remember. I'll also be checking out the luninux forums. Thanks.

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    lol i dont thinkt thats what they meant.. anyway some random suggestions...

    if your computers fairly recent, theres a lota issues you can google about UEFI Secure boot issues between windows/linux
    theres is also a difference between ~2TB drives and up, above >~2TB uses GPT vs <~2TB MBR.. i havnt used though but just mentioning incase theres also something different u needa google in duel booting in that instance.

    ona normal note, I had an almost exact same issue on a totally diff distro i believe it was still debian based though... and what id did was booted untill i started the X window session, it did simialr to what you describe, except only when i had an Ethernet cable connected.. i didnt bother fixing it because i didnt need it, i simply unpluged it. but apparently in that instance it was a driver conflict or network issue... i could a fixed it by killing the network module, but like i said i didnt bother testing that

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    It would definitely be more helpful if you posted the actual fdisk output as it tells the size of the drives/partitions, what filesystem they are on and which partition has which filesystem. None of that is in your post.

    Just to clarify, do you see the Grub menu and make a selection before getting the black screen.

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