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    Custom live boot usb with NO persistence

    I'm trying to help my girlfriend's family business stop having computer issues. Their employees seem to find every virus,worm, etc and it keeps bring down their computers- causing them to lost business (and me to fix them).

    All the employees need to do is have internet for looking up parts and telnet to get to the inventory system. My thought was to build a custom live USB/iso Linux build that would have the printers installed already and then just start firefox directly in kiosk mode. I found a plugin for Firefox that allows for telnet access (bbsfox). I want to disable any persistences so that if they do get a virus/spyware/etc, all that has to happen is reboot the machine and it's back to the working, original image (almost like you get at a hotel or library).

    I have googled around but can't find anything that shows how I can build a custom live boot linux imagine. Or even a way to build a linux machine that has no persistences (just want to do a few tweaks to a base live ISO and use that)

    Any suggestions or how to do this and make their (and my) life easier?

    For bonus points- I'd like it to run on a Raspberry Pi (or very minimal hardware- they are using 7 year old machines and I don't want to force new ones on them). Seems like the perfect thing for a minimal, front end POS system.

    Thanks for your time and suggestions.

    Boyfriend Tech Support Departement

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    Hi and welcome

    Well, for x86 machines there is webconverger
    You would need to add this telnet plugin and a printer, which means customizing it.
    For a business, it might be worth asking for their commercial support on this.

    There are several howtos for a kiosk raspberry pi.
    However, they all involve quite a lot of hacking.
    Seems fun, but takes some time as you e.g. need to adjust the following to firefox (or find a telnet plugin for chromium)
    Raspberry PI kiosk mode with Chromium. | lokir's linux notes
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'll take a look at webconverger. Looks like it could be promising.

    I have seen that article before for the Pi as a kiosk. The part I can't find anything about is how to make it so there is no persistence after the base set-up of printers. I really want the "reboot to undo" ability that live boot usb/cd's have.

    Any suggestions or thoughts on how to so that?


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