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Thread: error 8

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    Question error 8

    grub shows error 8..
    i m newer to these forums so kindly ignore if posting at wrong area...
    i tried to install Linux on a system in which win 7 was already installed.
    i format 48 GB disk space and leave it unassigned for fedora 11 .
    when i install fedora first time it was completed successfully but after reboot it shows some problem(not responding after password step).
    i re install it but it says no free space is founded on disk.
    even selecting the rescue mode doesn't help.
    after that i delete that 48 GB from fedora GUI.(there were five options new delete raid lmv reset)but now it says i have not defined any boot as well as root partition to fedora.
    after that wen i reboot neither window 7 nor fedora booting options were there.
    only grub is loaded.
    it shows error 8 while boot command is executed.
    my window 7 was genuine activated.
    i have the option to reboot whole disk with new boot-able disk ..
    but i want to choose the difficult side like a programmer...
    so kindly guide me... ?

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    From the Grub Manual:

    Kernel must be loaded before booting
    This error is returned if GRUB is told to execute the boot sequence without having a kernel to start.
    Fedora 11 has not been supported since June, 2010 and you will be unable to do any updates as a result. If you want to use Fedora, you should probably get the latest version which is Fedora 18. If I am reading your post correctly, you installed Fedora originally on a 48GB partition then deleted that partition. If you did, you deleted most of the Grub boot files which were on that partition as well as the kernel which would be why you are seeing that message. You might try booting your Fedora CD, logging in to a terminal as root user and running this command: fdisk -l(Lower case Letter L in the command) to get partition information to post here. Also, do get more detailed information on your system to post here for help, you could go to the site below, read the instructions, download and run the bootinfoscript and post the results.txt file:

    Boot Info Script | Free System Administration software downloads at

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    When you install the dual (or multi-) boot system, the original MBR is overwritten by the grub voodoo. If you want a windows system as well as any other on that disc, you *must* install the windows first, then the others.

    If it were me, I would simply try to re-install onto the 48 gig partition. the grub will probably be able to spot the windows partition and allow you to create a boot scenario that will enable you to boot the winbox again.

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