Hi All,

Im very new to Linux, and I need some real help. Im haveing some problems and it is about ready to drive me crazy, Iv spent the last few days online trying to find some answers to these problems but no luck.

Problem 1: Floppy will not work. Will not mount, Iv tried mount /dev/floppy : I get the error Floppy on found in /etc/fstab, I looked and no floppy or fd0 entry in file, So i added a line for the floppy ( not sure if its correct), so then i get a floppy is not a valid block device? I don't know where to go from here. Also when installing Suse i seen where it said /dev/fdo 1.4 then next line no floppy controler found? what does this mean?

Problem 2: I have a HP Psc 2210 printer, and have installed the latest verson of the hp linux printer driver. hpoj v.90 i can start the driver but can not figure out how to confige the yast2 printer section to work my printer. the printer is supported in the v.90 dirver.

problem 3: This is the strangest of all. I was thinking that i might need to configure my kernel. So after a few how to docs. I seen where you must use /usr/src/linux folder and then type make config, Well the thing is that I dont have that folder nowehere on my linux drive? I installed every thing from the 3 suse disks. How or better yet where would you go in Suse 8.1 to configure the kernel?

Thanks for the help