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    Linux and virtualization

    Can i have a Linux and a Windows Seven in my hdd on separate partitions and when i am on my Linux, run Windows Seven from my hdd in a vmware or something like it ?
    Of course, I want to be able to boot on my Windows Seven with Grub.

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    Since "The virtual Program" (VMWare, VirtualBox, KVM, etc) provides virtual devices (disk controller, video controller, network card, etc), I would not recommend running an OS from the drive and also using visualization. Windows would keep thinking it was moved to a new computer every time it was run normally and then virtually.

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    hello and welcome, opc0de.

    i agree w/alf55. you don't want to do this.

    if you just want access to the same files, you could always create a separation partition just for file-sharing and have it accessible both in your native Win7 OS and in your Linux OS. Then in Linux, share that partition via Samba. Then in a Win7 VM guest on your Linux host, mount the Linux Samba share.

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