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    best way to configure DNS services

    Hello... I have a machine that can't seem to find any sites on the Internet. It can ping the gateway ok but if I do ping as in

    ping: unknown host
    I get nothing and the ping reply is a failure.

    My assumption is that I have (or don't have) the DNS address in the righ place(s), that were suppled by my ISP. I've also got a couple that Google suggests. Anything you have on who's to use would also be good information.

    I've tried to enter 'nameserver' in the /etc/network/interfaces file, but it doesn't seem to matter or in the /etc/resolv.conf where it does what it says and wipes out anything I enter. So I'm kind of stumped as to the best place to put the DNS address suggested by my ISP.

    After I put the DNS information into the files (that didn't work) I used 'ifconfig' to reinitialize the Ethernet port. They did come to life, but still can't find anything.

    I've searched on the Internet (Google) and the above two were the only reference that I seem to be able to locate, yet they do not seem to work.



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    Try pinging a public IP, such as
    If you can ping that address, you have internet connectivity, and you have a DNS problem as you suggest. If you can't then you have a connectivity problem.

    If you're using Ubuntu, you can check this link for your DNS issues: How do I configure my static DNS in interfaces? - Ask Ubuntu

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    That did it... Thanks for your assistance. I can usually fix this stuff, just was drawing a blank.



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